A CMS website is a website that has a built-in content management system (CMS), which enables you to take control and update your site’s content anywhere and at any time.

About 99% of our clients use the wordpress  website platform CMS. We tailor the site to meet client’s need during the CMS website development process and then customize it for every website’s functionality.

At Wanaka Website Co. we believe that there are significant benefits to using wordpress and our go to for CMS. website development. One of the major benefits of this open source software is the public collaboration behind each project. Most open source projects are created by tens of thousands of programmers all collaborating to create, and improve upon, a flawless website framework.

We believe that if you choose to work with us you will be so happy with the service and website work provided, we will work together for a long time. In saying that, things can change over time and should you wish to hire someone in house as your company grows later on you don’t be bound to a single development company because you are stuck using their proprietary software.

By using the wordpress website platform with a CMS tailored to suit, you will have thousands of developers already 100% knowledgeable with your software framework, any open source friendly company can work on your website.

When developing your CMS website we include additional features only if you need them, so if you want an email newsletter sign-up or a system that lets you build your own forms, we’ll incorporate it within your CMS. If you want a tourism booking calendar and reservation system, we will build that in too.

Regardless of the complexity or the nature of the website project, Perspective will create for your business, our CMS website development will be designed to ensure that you will find that updating your website is intuitive & fast.